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Is perfect for small businesses over time save your structure professional tripod-looking at the website, have more time to spend on their approach to the customer. He is aware what features make it so popular WordPress for bloggers can actually very useful as a CMS for any Web storage for your web site, such as a news portal (with a WordPress theme for news sites)? Actually serves a socrates wordpress theme large number of websites that have nothing to do with blogging, WordPress calm, and I think to develop significantly in the near future. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger writes with passion to topics that you are interested in or selling services or products, publish content online all about interaction with others. Blogs by tsunami, we greatly taken in the last few years has changed the way we receive many people and the Internet to publish information and, more importantly, how people interact and exchange of ideas and opinions. The information produced by any person can and people took advantage of this opportunity! Now there are millions of bloggers and their way of life, good tools for editing; rapid pace required is simple, fast, accessible and facilitate its drive to carry and communicate. WordPress is the platform and offers everything, including a blogger or webmaster needs and much more. Also, it's completely free and thousands of extensions and simple questions of WordPress produced by the tremendous support from the community of WordPress. WordPress is known to be optimized for search engines and can get a difference in the amount of traffic that make this channel. AdvertisementOne of the main reasons that I recommend considering WordPress to create non-traditional websites blogs is that from the outset it was popularity and change content production/domination in the field of Blogs is the proof, the successor of the self. I think ben WordPress themes, is also great to interact with readers/customers, a company of WordPress and other blogs that talk about the Organization, inspiring. If you can design the look and feel of a professional and attractive website WordPress is even greater. First of all, there are thousands of free and paid themes out there. It is good that most WordPress Themes gallery should not directly on traditional Web sites, but generally it's pretty easy to redesign a topic of blogging in a non-blogging. Also fails the challenge even the WordPress community is huge and there's a lot of help at reasonable prices to build an online store you'll find WordPress themes, the e-commerce site. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of WordPress business matters to your business website. Let's look at some examples of great websites managed with WordPress. If you know a site, I would like to add, leave a comment. Developed by web sites developed by web sites under cost-premium WordPress ThemesExamples WordPressExamples IndexExamples love TypographySimple WordPressI and clean WordPress blog appearance. Archer GroupCreative WordPress site with a cool theme style portfolio. MashableOne learn more about every Blog technology and a massive high traffic site!Main entrance following LevelCool example of a WordPress website with scrolling background dark side! hMAGCarolina roller GirlsAdobe, BlogsSmashing, MagazineBloginityclouds365FrameworxStudiopressDesign, ShackGrain, EditWebdesigner, DepotWebdesignerwallKodingenDigo, BrandsBildeDoktorbuddypressCreative, SpacesCubicle, NinjasKnowledge, ScreenRadium, LabsQuasarFergus NeilsonAuthor: Lars VraaLars began in January 2009 Tripwire magazine. Is very passionate about Web design, Web development and loves to explore new technologies, techniques, tools and writing articles for their readers. Tagged as: WordPress, WordPress as a CMS, WordPress theme for examples of web sites CMS WordPress, WordPress CMS, WordPress examples, etc.